Two Rivals Meet in a Snow Storm

“This artifact is of no use to you Gustav, stop trying”

Fun Fact: This was made on flatgrass.

Uhh… I lost my eyes, can I have another pair? Seriously don’t edit unless you know how, other than that good posing, although my editing I meant the rape to the left behind the solders Gp-5 mask. Also it looks like Darth Vader lolol. 8.5/10 :tiphat:

Took me along time to realize that that was a guy with a gas mask :geno:

Wth?! That’s not Gustave!!!

Improve that there grapics.


Especially the AA.

My first name is Gustav :3:

By the way the GP-5 dude has some of the worst textures and poly work I’ve ever seen, I’d be glad to have a better one.