"Two Robbers feel the pain."



thanks Freakything* for title. :wink:

I like it.

Loving the detailed shading on the guys. Some model smoothing would be nice though.

Thanks, will do.

dude’s face on the left is making me laugh really hard

Your avatar makes me laugh, so it’s a trade.

The guy on the left looks awkard. He looks scared, and should look fierce and angry. The guy on the right arm should have been posed slightly differenly. The background blur is so intense, you cant tell if they were robbing a bank, a mall, they are running in the street, or you were in gm_construct and blurred it so no one would know.

Otherwise, posing was good, and so were the effects.

I used gm_construct to see who would be the first person to bitch.
and, They don’t have faceposing.