Two runners escaping the blues

So I’ve had this scene stuck in my head for a while now, I hope you all like it!

And I’ve included some extra stuff:[/media]


C&C Please!

they look awfully happy for being shot at

Posing is a bit stiff. Hand clipping on pic 2. What bugs me the most is the face posing. They look to relaxed. You get no sense of action and danger. And you need to add motion blur to the kick and jumps. Will give the scene more life.

Well runners are often in dangerous situations, (especially Faith). So it be kinda logical to be used to being shot at or pursued by the police/blues.

They seem to be in love with each other, consider that perhaps.

What I am thinking of is a snarl, evil grin, mouth open and screaming as she kicks, Those kind of things. Not necessarily fear.

Judging by the looks on Faith’s face, that human hunter is gonna score today :v:

I don’t like the posing. Looks very odd.

Don’t use simple DoF. Nasty blur lines.

Aw…Sucks for him the hunter could do so much better!


Posing needs little bit improving. And maybe a little bit editing too?

Wow I made something reall similiar like a year ago, or whenever that assasin model was released :stuck_out_tongue:

The posing is very nice tho I think it could do with a bit of color editing.

The Hunter looks… weird.