Two Russian Soldier is Running.

Just practicing.

All In-Game. Please give me advices to do it better.

The shoulder part of the left guy needs to be rotated a bit, his chest i mean. He’s holding the gun way too uptight.

Also, i think when you used super dof you accidentally set it to blur the closest objects, for some reason the wall in the far back looks very detailed but the soldiers not that much. I just left click when in super dof mode on the object i want to focus on - it zooms in automatically that way.

Thank you.

Also, not that it really matters, but since they are Russians I don’t see why one has a G36c and the other has an ACR since the former is a German gun and the latter is American, not exactly huge suppliers of the Russian Army.

Nice enough otherwise.

The Ultranationlists from CoD 4 had G36Cs. These Russians are from CoD: MW2. Makes perfect sense.

No, not really, it makes no sense at all.

I read the title in a Russian voice because you wrote it like that :v:

What? That makes no sense, actually. The Ultranationalists were a militant group, not the Russian Army. They used whatever they got their hands on.

Agreed. Although, I think that’s a SCAR, not an ACR

To be fair, the Russian Paratroops in MW2 had a very odd assortment of weapons. F2000s, FN FALs and some other random NATO guns, and even though they were high-quality top-notch Paratroopers tasked with securing the US Capital they were rocking some antiquated 47s.

Yeah it is SCAR.

Well, guys, since the russian army started purchasing France ships and special equipment, use of western weapons by the russian soldiers could become reality someday :frowning:

Ah, my bad.

Antiquated,no.They seem like the RIS model with a tan color.

Two Russian Soldiers are running* ? :slight_smile: Just helping, man

The are WHOLE. What are you talking about?

Alright, still it would make more sense for them to have 74s or even those fancy new AN94s. But it is Call of Duty.

Try to get a nice background so the screenshot is more appealing, the wall looks really bland.

The posing is nice tho.

that is a horrible bad thing and they should stop doing it now

if i had my way we would adopt all your gear because goddamn if it isn’t cheap, effective, and simple compared to our overengineered wasteful bullshit

Alright, you got me there.