Two Russians patrolling underground tunnel being followed by SEAL Spy

Trying to get a little more intermediate with editing and posing.

C&C :ohdear:

pretty good love the flashlight beam :slight_smile:

Oh… I was kinda thinking after I posted this that people were gonna box it up, but thanks for the CC.

just a note, wouldn’t the spy be a bit further back and hard to see?? because if one of them turns around he’s fucked…


other than that looks great

True, I never thought of that XD. Thanks for the CC.

we should be stuggling to see the spy…

Maybe the spy is sneaking up and is about to go wapow on them :open_mouth:

Flash light beam needs alot of work, the pic is kinda dark and the angle might not be the best.

Posing is nice tho.

A tad dark, but very good :smiley:

nice dof and placement

It’s too unsharp