Какая красивая сегодня огонь. ( Two Russians standing by fire )

Quick pose made by me, and edited by Hunter.

Skip to 11 seconds to hear the music.


C&C :ohdear:

Tell Hunter not to edit your screenshots anymore then.

What a shitty edit on my part, but the pose is nice.

I dig the chill pose on the left.
Fire looks horrid though.

The posing looks pretty good.

Good posing, but the bad angle ruins them.

I fail to see the reasoning behind the russian part.

good pose filters look really bad though but still good pose

Неужели на этом сайте русские есть О_о!
Good posing,but use super DOF!

Russian title failed (should be “Какой красивый сегодня огонь” but even that sound dumb because original phrase is english), pic is way green, need better DoF.

That isn’t a ‘‘good looking’’ fire.

Очень плахая фотография, и провер твой русский язык прежде чем принять решение загрузить твой топик.

Привет, Кари!

Is it an emigration thread?

Название треда обрадовало просто невероятно. Красивая, да.

And the picture is a crap. It looks like it’s inverted.