Two Secret Service Agents are saving general from gunfight.

Still over done edit?


It makes no sense, how did splinter cell get there when the terrorist stood behind the general?

the muzzleflash looks like a propeller, what

actually, looks like you blurred it to make it look like a propeller too. why would you do that?

good posing, bay da way.

Wow, they’re shooting glowing sperm cells xD

Looks cool, anyway. (except the muzzle-flash)

i want make muzzleflash like this:


well, maybe slinter cell guy sneaked to general while badguys turns back.


for baby


It’s nice to see you got the filther fixed, hopefully people won’t pick on you now.


Splinter cell is terrorist!


Rimlightning is overdone and doesn’t make sense. Tracers look ugly with smoke behind them and the muzzleflash is wierd.

And you still apply that ugly bloom

The pic in total looks good. Except for a few things:

  1. The pose of a standing terrorist looks too static. If you see a solider jumping out from behind the car, shooting at you, you would definitely either jump away or crouch to avoid hits. So work on psychology of your ragdolls =).

  2. Static terrorist again. The lightning on him seems too bright. I understand that you thought about sunlight and muzzleflash and that is a good thing, but in this case you have to either put no muzzleflash or make the entire pic in the dark, cuz he’s just too bright.

  3. Counter-Terrorists muzzleflash is not coming exactly from the gun, it kinda went up, just move it down a little bit.

  4. CTs muzzleflash seems too bright and too sharp to me. If that good guy was shooting from a static position (crouching, prone or standing), then it would make sence, but in this case your solider is running to the side, so, his muzzleflash must be more blurry (motion blur + a little bit of usual blur if you work in PS).

  5. A wheel of a car seems low-textured. You could…let’s say, find a pic of a car tire from that angle of view, cut a little bit of rubber and metal from the real wheel and blend it with your wheel, would look soo much better.

  6. OMG DUDE. This is a real Splinter Cell guy cuz you made him blend with the dying terrorist on the back. At first I couldn’t understand wtf are those “three-eye” goggles are doing on that Terrorist, then i thought “wtf is he holding his UZI with?”, and only then I figured out what I see ^_^.
    SO, DUDE, you gotta take another angle or move your general and Splinter cell guy to the left.

well… I think I applied only little bloom on this pic. But yeah I have to change the way of making muzzle flash and tracer.


OMG thanks for huge c&c bro. You’re different with some loser. This c&c is not only the greatest but also kindest c&c :smiley:

Way too much bloom, tracers look wrong (the ones from the dying guy look like glowing sperm as mentioned) and wouldn’t even ignite that close, the hipshooting terrorist looks like he’s having a leisurely day at the fun park rather than wrecking some general’s shit, and while I like the camera angle and sense of a clusterfuck in the foreground, the background is bland as fuck and looks totally out of place.

On the plus side, it’s not entirely brown.


Oh and the casings don’t fit either, it looks like they were pasted on as an afterthought

The backround is bad, you could try replacing the building with baby-blue sky. The rest is okay, I may put out some specific critisism later.

surprise buttsex

Where did you get that left soldier and that M4A1?

You see that forum that says releases

I actually really like the shadowing on the propeller shooting man.




gravedigging, yay :smiley: