Two server errors

Hello, I am currently working on a gmod ‘starwars-rp’ based server with the server in full completion. Just to state quickly, I have the entire server fixed and have no issues with anything else. I just have two small issues which I can’t seem to find after going from pretty much majority of the main lua files & configs etc. so, hence why I have decided to post it here as it’s easier for support.

The issues are as follow;

  1. When looking at players, the GUI hud that displays is a small version of the name often looking like:

Bot01 - So the name of the player
100% - Their current HP.

I have been on many different servers where the name and job as well as HP all appears above a players head as such:

I was just wondering how I would be able to set it to this, I would personally assume its due to the ULX version I am using which is 3.70 with dark-rp version 2.7

  1. My admintellall command doesn’t seem to work, even after installing one of my previous server’s auto-run lua files which made it work, it just doesn’t work this time (I.e - a heads-up display at the top of the screen saying “Alert: etc.” or something along those lines).

If anyone has any easy ways of solving these issues then please help if you may. Thanks for reading.

EDIT // I also have an issue with the context menu and staff not being able to use the ‘remove’ tool on it, if anyone knows how I enable that, would also be helpful.