Two SF operators in Jungle..



Very very nice.
Wood for you.

That guy on the right is looking like he’s preparing a prank call.

Awesome posing.

Mind giving me a link to those ragdolls?
And what map did you pose this on?


I’ll upload later

I want the map _

it’s flatgrass2008 dawg

Awesome as usual man, looks awesome.

And about time you release your stuff :smiley:

When another ragdoll is done

Very realistic posing!

Great posing and scene-build as usual.

I just want radio prop…!

The jackets on these skins are ugly.

“Alright. Bravo 5 in position. If those freakin’ Boy Scouts come by again, we’ll be ready…”
Picture looks nice. Good job!

Great posing and I love the colours.

It’s a L4D prop buddy

Very nice posing and editing in this picture, were does everyone get those awesome re-skins :C