Two Snipers are operating in Red Forest.



looks like you posed one of them and then duped+flipped the other.

But it looks nice.

You oversharpened it.

them snipers gonna get killed by some bandits, then the news will spread all over the zone, to the point where the ukranians find out that NATO is operating in the zone.

or they’ll get eaten by bloodsuckers

Caution, loads of radiation.

“Should we wear any masks?” “Nah, we’re good.”

I think that red forrest should be a little bit more red

super awesome :slight_smile:

Very nice.
Though, I do agree that they should have masks with all that radiation lingering about.

I don’t think a mask would help the situation much.

In stalker it does.
Red forest is in stalker universe, hence the mentioning of the masks.

Besides is this before or after the destruction of brain scorcher?

The Red Forest isn’t literally red…google it.

Red, Forrest! Red!