Two soldiers after a nuclear war

C&C folks.

Original for comparison:

What the fuck is the soldier in the back aiming at. That’s all I have to make peace with with this photo.

I never thought about that, maybe he just has his weapon at the ready because he heard something.

They are awfully well equipped and fresh for a post-nuclear war…

There’s nothing about the picture that gives hint to a nuclear battlespace in particular, save for some vague dust particles and the soldiers donning gasmasks (which can just as easily be used in a chemical/biological setting). You also included a marine and a soldier standing side-by-side. Usually, these do not work in such close proximity, although one could assume that the series of events following the nuclear strike probably caused the two troops to be displaced from their original units.

Yes, I put them together as a way to show that the surviving military had been reformed into a single branch, though wasn’t able to afford a whole new uniform type.

And I should have been more specific, by nuclear war I meant small scale, with only certain areas truly decimated yet most of them irradiated, hence the gas masks.

For some reason I really like it.
Nice job!

A marine and an army soldier?

Na, realy good picter you got there, i realy like the snow/ash.