Two soldiers caught in a sandstorm.

Been a couple of years since I’ve made anything of my own.

I only see one, anyone else see the other?

On the ground? The weird thing?

Angle is awesome and the blur on the flying papers is nice, altho the paper near the helmet looks weird.
Posing is nice but the left hand looks fucking tiny.

I like the smoke too.


But the smoke looks tad strong near the soldiers legs.

Awesome, but I don’t like some parts of the dust and the rimlighting.

Thanks for the C&C.

Yeah I started erasing parts of the rim lighting on the arm because it didn’t seem right, and the dust was my failed attempt at trying to make it look like it was rolling over the hill.

And the second soldier is on the ground, originally it was going to be some sort of action pose with him being pinned down by a sniper but I said fuck it and covered everything in sand.

Not bad. Not perfect but a great start.

What texture is it for the goggles on these guys. I cant seem to find it :confused:

wow thats freakin awsome

Don’t know it specifically, just that it’s from here.