Two soldiers in a chopper on a rescue operation

I’m really out of ideas.


I really like your snow edits.
They are amazing!

Great job, Mister :smiley:

That would be rain.
I’ll show you snow in the next edit.

btw, some of the rain is overlapping the helicopter. Nothing much, just a side note.

Sweet. Really awesome panoramic view.
I really thought that was snow though, and was going to suggest you blur it a little more because the helicopter is moving and give it some more depth-of-field.

Did you texture the soldiers?

I textured both of them.

Aah shit it looks like snow.
Still amazing.

Remember to be more detailed in the direction of your materials, because your textures, as nice as they are, aren’t changing with folds and curvature in the clothing.

His hand.

Fuck, I forgot that.


Yea I figured it out after the one on the left and then I was too lazy to fix it. But thanks for the tip.

Pretty bad if you ask me, the whole thing’s off in every way. Just try to be a little more careful with the coloring next time.


looks pretty good =D only thing bothering me is the left soldiers hand D= its floating… but i couldnt have done it better meself

Nice, but damn does that look like snow.

Looks pretty awesome.