Two soldiers investigating an abandoned subway

My third serious try to edit.

C&C is aprreciated.

Dirtydiaper’s edit

Where’s the editing in here? Well it looks good anyway, posing is perfect.

Well i did some shading. Thanks.

Where you get the models. And original?

And finally, nice edit, I think I see some shading. Posing is very good.

Original added at the OP.

Yeah, when looking at the original, I can tell you did a very good job there.

Well it took me a while to do so.

Ty for models :slight_smile:

No problem.

Could do with a better angle, otherwise I like it.

cool shading and posing

Model on the left looks a bit awkward, his torso just seems too big, but i guess thats just the gear.

Yeah i could have changed that because it’s generic. Thanks for the tip

Thank you.

Hmm i did not notice that, maybe it’s the shading.
Thanks for the comments guys.

Quite empty, but the posing and shading are spot on.

I had this suspection too, but i completely ignored it. Thanks a lot.

I really like the mood of this picture, some of the tiles and stairs and stuff could use some shading.

I like it. It was a fun picture to edit.

Thanks a bunch, i will give some attention to that.

Just saw your edit Dirtydiaper. I added it at the OP, and i have to say that you did a better job, thanks.

The shading is nice enough. Just be a little neater and pay attention to the direction of the main light-source.

Background is too sharp. It draws the attention away from the 2 main characters.