Two soldiers shot down in a blizzard

Holy fucking shit. Amazing picture

The pose on the guy getting shot looks a bit strange, but editing’s super hot.

An awesome picture man, I’m just gonna say that.

nice snow editing (seems to be a lot of that going around lately)

Yea I know it really is.
These modern warfare 2 ragdolls foots aren’t bendable so it was very hard to make it look like he was “sitting” on his foot in this position.


I’ve only made two, lulz.

The pose of the guy to the right reminds me of the line “Don’t look at me!” But cool edit.

Holy cow. Very nice. Now lets see you do something really original with these incredible editing skills!

That effect where his foot is in the snow is amazing.


Your editing is awesome dude

Thank you thank you

woah awesome pic.