Two soldiers standing on a multiped-tank.

map dod_farmers_b1.bsp

the hell is this tank?

Love the guy on top.

Looks like a new weapons from the soviets sir!

Find it’s weak spot and do it NOW.

The picture is really nice.

The tank looks quite interesting.

Is that a GitS tank or something?

It got a…brain?

Wow, looks awesome!

Also the tank is interesting, it’s not one of the released GITS models by n05sniper, right?

Nice posing, the soldiers look natural. Cool tank too!

The only thing i don’t like is the grain but that is not your fault.

Few first seconds i trough it’s real life.
Dumb me

Epic win!

-When tanks got a brain,it means call another robot.-

For instance, like this.

Thanks many response!
Yes, this tank coming from GITS.

I’ll release it as soon as his skin edit finished.

this last picture reminded me of the Geckos from MGS4…the way they leap…

GiTs stuff is so amazing…
Nice simple pose :smiley: I loooove the tank, looking forward for the release.


Lemme guess, that one show about futuristic cops or something.

Ghost in the Shell

Oh I though it meant something like Gun in the Sand.

What soldier models are those?

I really want them, I love those helmets.

It looks like the Tacoma(thats spelled wrong fo sho)
from Ghost In A Shell(Im not a anime nerd, i just like the way its done, along side Appleseed)


Fuck ninja’d

good stuff man