Two Soldiers Walk towards tank struck by artillery


For those unfortunate ones, here is a Cubeupload Link to the picture:

Are dat the G41 I recently hexed!
Great edting by the way.

Yep, it’s the only high quality gun i had installed … (I’m not saying it’s the last resort, it’s nice)

and thanks :smiley:

Nice, posing and editing is well executed

I think the posing is stiff on the man (German?) fleeing from the destruction. I also find the tommy gun looks a bit small.

But like it none the less.

Thompson - Tommy gun is a bit diferent, and it’s small? It’s the same size as it is in game which to my knowledge is to scale…?

The bottom of the “explosion” doesn’t look like it’s coming from anywhere
…otherwise I like it.

Nice use of that explosion, could have fixed up the bottom corner that fades and blurs out though…
Also, it is a little difficult to tell where the explosion is, if it was close up it would be impacting the guys in the foreground, but if it was farther away It should be covered up a bit by that gray fogsmoke.

Good use of color edit, good use of shadow edit, good color scheme Posing looks very natural, but a bit stiff.
You should have twisted the upper body of the glock dude a bit, so that more of his back would have shown more. And giving him a more realistic look :slight_smile:

The explotion is fair enough, a bit to yellow for my taste, but overall good :slight_smile:
And as people are saying, you messed up the fading in the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:
The location on the explotion is also a bit strange, considering you can’t really see the tank.

Overall: a good resutl :slight_smile:

A good Resutl was what i was going for!! :v:

The posing isn’t very good but the editing is some of your best yet. Keep it up!

Work on the things we discussed, other than that it looks pretty good :wink:

Thanks mate :smiley:

And also thanks to chesty…

Heck, Thanks to everyone!

why does a US soldier have a G41

Use whatever you can find?

This is an epic pic mate.

Download a new m1 carbine skin or m1 garand model ad fpsbanana, you can find high quality models and skins there :slight_smile:

Anyways looks epic,good pose!!!

That is some amazing editing!

I like it but… Everyone it’s not a G41, its a G43. The G41 has a non-removable internal magazine you load with stripper clips.

wow thats realy nice editing