Two soldiers wander through a forest at dusk ! (Oh noes)

Edited : (Notice that i didn’t use contrast or luminosity settings )

Version by Bliblix (quickly made, we were disagreeing about the colors ) :

Original :

Please tell me which edited version looks best , and C&C , etc.

btw, did mine in 2 minutes. Was just to show him how bloomish and blurish was his version.
The original is the best. \o/

Get the fuck out you troll. No french people in my thread >:(

Oh , and before i get banned by a frustrated admin, i’m french too, so this obviously is a joke.

The masked soldier’s arm is clipping in his chest, and I like the original more :stuck_out_tongue:
But if I had to choose I would choose the first one, since the second one has some sort of ugly square layer on, or something dunno. :S

I think that the first edit looks the best. It has that “forest at dusk” feeling.

I’m sort of split on this I really like the colors on both
SOO UUHHHH :suicide:

They’re both allright but the posing is just horrible!

The first one is nice, and the models are good.

I like the first one but seriously what is with the weird mesh net-like texture on the second one?

I don’t see what you’re talking about?

Take a closer look at the non-masked guy on the second pic.
LOOK CLOSE and look for squares.

Tell me what you find :v:

Oh, that. Well i don’t know…bliblix did the second edit, not me.