Two sophisticated looking men, one with a shotgun, pose in a street.

Testing this new skin for these age old hacks.

C&C etc.

I like the posing, however the guy on the left looks slightly stoned.

Could you perhaps tell me where you got those skins? :smiley:

He probably made the skins :v:
But the posing is good, as always. Nice skins and lol stoned.

Stoned? Possibly.

I made the hacks and I also made the skins.

I don’t suppose you’d let me use them for a project I’m working on, would you kindly?

not bad.

So I hear you like cs_assault?


Wow, I don’t even have these hacks anymore.

The suit looks a little tight on them though.

Posing is a little off on the guy on the right.

the don’t have necks

Finger Posing could be better.

I like the posing, but the fingers on the guy with the shotgun seems different.