Two Space soldiers waiting for extraction

Yes, I followed the concept of MW2+Halo helmet. I just made this to try it out and see how it looked. I liked it and decided to post it, rant on me for “ripping off” Chesty all you want. I made it as a “tribute” to him.

C&C, please. Changed the image, for several reasons.

Actually Chesty Ripped off Angry Baker but his execution was way better.
Nice pic.


Dodge/Burning seems a little random.

Very nice, have a dirty piece of wood that’s a kind of distorted oval shape :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s because he shef’d it.

And he refuses to listen to me when I tell him that shefing stupid, because someone likes it.

I like it. Is there a problem with that?

According to him, yes. To me, no :3

I dont know what fussy has been telling you, but I never said it was wrong to like it.
I am saying instead of sticking with shef and clinging to nice words, he should listen to C&C so he could stop using the method a monkey could use…

Where is everyone getting these headhacks, or are they just pasted on?

I love the picture, so much freakin’ detail is making my brain orgasm. Artsy’ed

Inflator and nocollide. There will be real headhacks when I get them done.

Congrats you know how to shef.

Now do some real editing.


SHEF was cool in '06 before everyone figured out how to do it and when you get down to the essentials it’s basically a filter, and filters = lazy/crappy edits.

The SHEF is meh and the dodging and burning looks like it was applied without isolating your characters. Thanks for the “tribute”… even if it was Angry Baker’s idea. Lol.

What the hell is wrong with SHEF, it’s like an easy way to get something ugly to look actually nice, everyone doesn’t have enough time to practice editing…

Stop with your retarded "A monkey could do it " comments .

Thats not the argument, I gave him ways on how to do actual edit so he could stop using shef, but he said he wanted to use shef because people like it…
Ugh I cba anymore, I’ll just let the idiot use his precious shef and never improve in photoshop, dont know why I even bother helping ungrateful idiots like him.

Excuse me, but I said that I wanna improve SLOWLY and SECURELY. I wont stick with shef and FYI, I just made a edit of another pose without using shef.

What the fuck is wrong with you, people have better to do than improving useless photoshop skills.

But isn’t that the attitude that means the only editing you can do is SHEF?


Also great then fussy, did you use the methods I taught you?

Taught? You only said what tools I should use, nothing else.
Might aswell put this in here, you arrogant prick:
Mjans: I just wanted to give you a quick fyi, you are not welcome in the ps group, and you’ll be banned everytime a mod sees you in chat
Fussy!: Oh cool
Fussy!: You are just doing this because I don’t you can nor want you to help me.
Mjans: I actually did want to help you
Fussy!: I am the idiot for not wanting help from someone I think is not so good at editing
Mjans: if I didnt I wouldnt get so involved
Fussy!: I did not want your help
Fussy!: Thats the problem
Fussy!: You don’t read
Mjans: But you react like a stubborn little bitch who thinks shefing is actual editing, when my niese comes over later today, im gonna ask her to follow the shef tutorial and try to shef, I bet you she can do it
Mjans: and she’s never used ps before
Fussy!: But you react like a stubborn little bitch who thinks shefing is actual editing
Fussy!: That is a lie
Fussy!: I don’t think it’s actual editing
Fussy!: I’ve backed away from shefing
Mjans: well good then
Fussy!: There
Fussy!: No shefing
Mjans: Because I remember you saying “I guess shefing isnt so bad, I got 3 artistic ratings!”
Fussy!: Just curves, match color, curves and levels
Mjans: Yeah looks alot better then shef
Fussy!: I know that
Mjans: because shef kills all the detail and makes it blurry
Fussy!: Like one of the guys in my thread said: What the hell is wrong with SHEF, it’s like an easy way to get something ugly to look actually nice, everyone doesn’t have enough time to practice editing…
Fussy!: Why do I move forward slowly? Because I can do nothing else
Fussy!: I’ve had swine flu and I am underweight
Fussy!: I train more to get back in shape
Fussy!: Now shut up
Fussy!: And let me improve in my own way
Mjans: Aight you do that then, just gonna put a little thing in perspective for you tho
Mjans: do you think vman reacted like this when he was a noob at editing?
Mjans: Or even a better example, chesty
Mjans: he’s been posing/editing for maybe 1 and a half year
Mjans: look at him now
Mjans: do you think he reacted like this?
Call from Mjans started.
Mjans: Just checking you didnt block me
Mjans: well anyway, just think about that
Call with Mjans ended.
Mjans: im gonna go eat dinner now, have fun improving SLOWLY AND SECRETLY
Fussy!: I’ve been posing for over 2 years
Mjans: yea right
Fussy!: Securely*
Fussy!: Learn to spell, jävla grött mun
Mjans: :>
Mjans: sometimes I forget you are swedish
Mjans: I guess that explains why you’re dumber then a bag of doorknobs

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Uberslug))

You two are sad.