Two Spys Fencing.


Looks like a cinematic.

Really nice work.

Nice. Faceposing and motion-blur are good.

Great pic

Could be from Meet the Spy.
Have an artistic!

Hoho nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

En Garde!

Should’ve disabled one of the camera’s shadow

this is just a great picture.

where are the swords from?

Ah, beautiful man, bloody brilliant.

The posing is really nice. Though the cameras in the background look weird, they look like they’re floating off of the wall and I just don’t understand why they are there. I think having no cameras and moving the poster to the left wall would look much better.

I was expecting them to be fencing with butterfly knives. This is awesome, however. :v:

It’s missing the “pinkie up”.

Superb posing.

quite so, my good man.

what knaves are these than neglect proper fencing stature?

ragamuffins, i daresay.

Wonderful. Looks like it could be straight out of a TF2 movie.

Lol, i couldn’t see the real pic for a while so i thought the smaller one was the real one. :stuck_out_tongue:
Pretty nice pic btw.

An awesome job done right here.