Two stalker + [Bonus]

The first one looks badass, but the Rim lights are kinda strong.
In the second one, you really need to improve your muzzleflashes mate, and the smoke on the gun is too strong.

Not bad. Go easy on the smoke stuff though - you have been making it too opaque for quite a long time now. Rim-lighting is too strong too and doesn’t seem to have any source.
And your muzzleflashes… I’m sure I’ve given you a pretty detailed critique on those before. They shouldn’t be so sparky; they look like muskets. Even if you’re going to make them sparks, only the glow should be coloured. The middle should be pure white.
Posing of the shoulders, gun positioning and the soldier’s left hand all seem off in the second picture too.

Yes you have given me a detailed critique on those. I’m still working on it, and still tring to get back into posing. The rim lights are a bit strong, but when I made it lower you couldn’t even see them. As always thanks good advice.

reallly bad posing on the second but nice editing

1st one is good but their heads don’t look right…

2nd one is good too.

I agree with you FT. One head is big the other is the right size, but they both have no neck.

Well, I think the soldier of the left looks badass and fits quite well with the suit, but about the other one you guys are right.

Those head edits are pretty good, but in the final picture, the guys holding the AA-12 look wierd.