Two Stalkers searching dead Monolith



Man…the only comment I get is a trolling one?



It’s kinda boring but there are many worse, I like the posing, the only thing I think you should add would be some blood maybe?

At first I didn’t see the bloodsucker, but then… I saw it.
I like all these S.T.A.L.K.E.R. poses that are posed well and aren’t everyday poses. Keep it up.

Bloodsucker made me jump.

Blood? But that’s a blood sucker. Get it? :smiley:

And sorry F T. :slight_smile:

the bloodsucker looks like he’s wearing a business suit

Bloodsucker is Spy!

Say, where did you get the models? I guess.

Hehe…with that sentence the lack of blood is now explained perfectly :smiley:

Off of Search stalker.