Two suggestions to fight off hackers [Experimental]

1 - Make it so if you’re within let’s say 10 meters of someone their name still shows above their head.

2 - Make it so if they change their steam name while in game they get kicked off. Force their in game name to match their steam name at all times.

Yesterday I had a situation where we had a flyhacker/speedhacker going around killing everyone and bragging about it. When we went to go report him, his name didn’t match any of the players in the players tab in steam, because he had changed his steam name after he joined the server. Due to this, his in game name didn’t match his steam name and it was impossible to report.

Today, I had speed/jumphackers come and attack my base. I managed to get the name of one of them through the console, but after I got multiple people to report him, we couldn’t get the name of the other user. He continued to grief/attack my base, but was not attacking me because he had seen that we had already reported his friend and knew how to grab his name via console after getting killed by him. If we could see his name, we would’ve been able to report him, but because of this he is getting away scott free unless the anticheat detects him which it doesn’t look like it will at least for today.

You must be referencing LEGACY Rust here. DEV is minimal if at all now.

Call this a blind throw or what not, but what are the chances there are no public cheats are because they need to be updated after every build of the game.

I’m talking about experimental rust. @Spiritchill

@Sally there are cheats and they do need to be updated every time the game is updated. They are private/paid hacks however, so you don’t see them very much (thankfully) but when you run into a hacker it’s just as annoying as back in legacy.

previously they did implement names in game, tbh i have no idea why they were removed again, as i thought the view range worked to counter using nametags to target players.

as for 2, i agree, though i thought that was currently the case in experimental; i didn’t think there was an in-game option to change their name, just certain symbols that aren’t recognized and abused to evade bans.

Thx for the update. I was not aware that Experimental showed the names. The universe will always punish the hacker. Life is wonderful that way. The Hacker curse lives on. :slight_smile:

I figure just shoot at them. You kill them, they lose. They kill you, they lose.