Two suggestions

  1. Make it so players names pop up above their head farther away. It’s really crazy that I have to basically hug someone to see who they are.

  2. Bounty system. This one is a little harder to implement, but would add a whole new element. I raid someone and they are able to put a bounty on me. Let’s say they want to put a 700 metal fragments price on my head. It would be awesome to be a wanted man. The bounty would last a short period after you’ve been killed and the Wanted players gear could be destroyed. This would stop shenanigans, but I’m interest in feedback and if we could flush this idea out.

I like your bounty idea, it would be cool if you had to go somewhere to collect the bounty and submit proof (ie. a finger or head) … at a safebox or something (proof acts as a key), I would say from the person directly but… they may not be online.

I’m not sure about that but I just think an instant reward may be too simple.