Two survivors seeking aid at a police station.

Edit by h3llfire741. Thanks mate.

Bonus: Once again Dunn and Foley.

Edit by h3llfire741. Again, thanks mate.
C&c for both of us.

Not bad.

Not Perfect, but not bad.

Great posing on your part, mate. Decent editing on Hellfires part, nothing mindblowing but it works.

nothing mind blowing i can really do on the pics really…

It looks good, posing is solid but needs a bit of tweaking in some areas. More dramatic faceposing would be nice on the guy. The zombie with the crowbar needs fingerposing. Edit looks pretty good as well.

The zombies i have, haven no fingerposing, I can’t even grab the wrists :saddowns: So I put the crowbar at the finger ends, as in almost falling down, but ofc that is very hard to know. Cheers mates.

Decent enough work. Blood in the first picture is a tad to bright.