Two Swat is wading through the helicopter crash site

nothing to say

dunno if SWAT uses pavelows, but okay.
Anyway, i like all the placement of the props.
But why did you place a vagineer.
They are not funny.

Pretty good. The engineer in the background ruins it though.

It’s not horrible, but there’s a lot of shit there that has no business being there. Also, those aren’t SWAT, the Engineer ruins it, and SWAT doesn’t do that. SWAT are law enforcement, not soldiers.

They aint swat, they are riot teams and as already stated police units dont use seahawks and riot teams dont use high caliber firearms for any reason, maybe shotguns but not this kind especially old m16’s from 1984.

It’s kind of…Bad to be honest.

If they have to, they MIGHT use SMGs or Shotguns as they’re basically Heavily Armed Law Enforcement, not military.

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When I said “Not horrible” I was being extremely nice.

So am I.

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If they have to, they MIGHT use SMGs or Shotguns as they’re basically Heavily Armed Law Enforcement, not military.

Riot enforcement teams? Lolno they dont use sub-machine guns as they are only called for riots and use shotguns with non lethar slugs and 9mm handguns only to be used in extreme danger. They are also not heavilly armed because riot groups are not asshat donkeys to use firearms. If they do not stop the riot then the national guard will be called in. What the hell am I saying?

Bad color

He said there SWAT so for the purpose of this conversation, I’m referring to SWAT. Obviously the Riot Police NEVER use lethal weapons.

Whatever you say boss.



Highly dependable of the situation and the department.

Woohoo someone’s sperging and it isn’t me for once

SWAT does not equal FBI my friend. Entirely separate entities.

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That said, yes, SWAT do use rifles. See my posts here for details.

I’m sorry but I forgot to mention that, yes, they would use assault rifles for outdoor operations, but they’d use SMGs for clearing buildings.

No, they use them for both.

Hmm I thought all american law enforcement agencies have a swat.
And I thought he was talking about SWAT in general, not a particular one.

I don’t see a building in the picture above that you commented on.

Neither do I, and I apologize for my incorrect post.

I’m pretty sure some of the officers would have different weapons you know, it’s not like “Hey we goin’ in on a house diz time, lets all use smgs!”

Besides, the picture is nice, I like some of the scene build and the posing seems fine. The engineer really ruins the entire thing though, he was the first I noticed to be honest.

I stand corrected, but only in that they’re totally separate from SWAT itself.

More accurately:

SWAT teams, as far as I am aware, belong to whatever police department they operate in conjunction with. LAPD SWAT is therefore totally different to NYPD SWAT or FBI teams, and FBI teams are totally separate from regular police units.

SWAT officers are no different than regular officers other than having additional training, mandatory tests every year, a slightly higher salary, and are on call at any time to respond to high risk emergencies.

Sadly, my local SWAT branch was dismantled after a gross misuse of force a few years ago, and now we rely on the Crisis Negotiation Team to handle high risk arrest warrants and domestic terrorists.