Two Team Fortress 2 screenshots

So yeah these are only with in-game editing.

Two shields? That’s badass.

Love it. I’ve got the 300 models for my soldier in game, they are well used here

The pyros legs in the first picture look very stiff. The pictures are pretty cool, though.

2nd one is plain awesome

Pyro looks badass.

Amazing. You made the Pyro looks skinny!
I knew that demo would eventually come to his senses, a shield is not worth your other sword!

2nd one is badass

Thanks for the comments.

I thought they looked ok.

Where did you find those models? I hope they’re not private. Never seen 'em before.

Second one is really badass too, good use of SDoF.

Check Jasons hex thread , downloaded most of it there.


Whoa thats badass!

Funny how I am just watching Deadliest warrior - Ninja VS Spartan :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the demo one.