Two tents on fire (Fire editing test)


Looks kinda good, but the tents could use some burn marks and stuff to make it more realistic.


Wait, that looks really much like a few brushes from a brush pack I have :3:

Needs more burning around the fire area, and the right tent’s fire looks a bit too blurry

Nice fire, just needs to look like it’s actually burning things.

i like it, very nice. the fire might look a little out of place, but i cant point out why though. sorry

Looks damn nice!

Christ of Jesus! It looks like a photograph!

Wow nice fire :stuck_out_tongue: the problem might be the fact that it looks to damn real compared to the rest of the pic, and it kind looks out of place, but I bet you can fix that easily. ^^


Very pretty fire edit

obsidian dawn lol

Probably the best fire brushes you can find, especially the one on the left.

The right looks like EP2 fire, but the left looks really nice.


Is this really gmod?


Pretty nice fire, doesn’t look like it’s actually burning though.

The fire looks nice, the texture I mean,

The brush you used is kinda world renown. Maybe mixed it up so it’s un-recognizable.

The fire on the left looks superb, but there’s some really obvious hard-edges.

You’ve had enough “editing practice” I think; go and make something mind-blowing now.

it’s just photo!!

this is like, one of three threads that I’ve made out of practice since early 08.

I assumed these were practicing:

No, those are just quick edits.
Quick edits are when I edit screenies in ~10 minutes.
Practice editing is when I experiment with stuff and try to find new ways of doing things.
As you might have been able to tell I should practice more :).