Two TF2 Pics

Alrighty here we go:
First Pic:
Spy’s thumb is clipping into Scout, Scout’s eyes look stretched but that may be the only way to close them.
Second Pic:
Soldier’s leg is clipping with his coat, his arms are way too far back, he looks restrained more than relaxed, Scout’s hand is clipping with the Frontier Justice a bit, Pyro and Medic both look very awkward and uncomfortable holding their weapon, try to make it less rigid and less like their arms are broken. Pyro’s legs also look a tad funny.

lol at the spy in the second pic

The poses of the soldiers in the second picture seem to relaxed…

they’re talking to each other too…

Soldier: Now, we will destroy the Blu team FROM BEHIND!

Scout: You like destroying behinds don’t you?

Second pic is a good concept. Posing needs improvement, as well as finger posing. Keep practicing!


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That’s what she said

Pyro and Medic both have broken wrists, the scout is awkwardly holding the shotgun with his thumb clipping through it, clipping on Soldier’s clothes are clipping with his legs, and his arms are weird.