Two things i think would make the game more interesting/goal oriented

Im not good at sweet talking so I will just list them:

Stronger PvE monsters that cant be taken down alone.

Some unique(only 1 exists) items/weapons/gear/artifacts/etc that give you a bonus. The purpose being that others will try and take them from you.

Having a functioning gun with ammo is already pretty significant, though I do agree with PvE that is a little more than harvesting food nodes with the occasional rubber-banding wolf.

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Ideally bears should be hard to take down should they actually move around and fight

Against popular opinion I actually like the idea of a big strong NPC that requires ‘a raid group’ to take down and might drop good loot. However, I don’t think that idea belongs in vanilla Rust and should be a modded server only kind of feature.

I like a pack of wolves roaming around till they find someone and chaseing them down

I think it still fits. Look at the caretaker concepts. Those could be like that.

Ive seen the artwork, I just don’t like the idea for vanilla Rust. I wouldn’t want units like that in vanilla rust is what I’m saying. Sure some people will feel that it fits but there are others that wouldn’t which is why I think the idea of modding it into specific servers that want it is better. There are times where I wouldn’t want to play Rust without big spooky NPCs sometimes, especially ones like giant robots that may not mesh with the setting or theme of that particular server (ancient focus, stone tech focus, metal focus, etc).

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