Two things I'd like to see in this game.

Binoculars and a compass.

Being able to spot people/animals/wood piles from a distance would be very nice. And a compass could help a few of us from getting lost…

I think just increasing the nametag range would be better. Or being able to find some kind of rangefinder item that shown player tags from farther away.

A compass is definitely something needed, to find your way around. Binoculars are like a bonus but good idea though.

tomahawk would be a great weapon or throwing knife nothing better than tomahawk kill a guy from behind spray and praying your friends

A scoped rifle could be used as binoculars too, but not sure if that’s such a good idea as people would be killed from a distance. :slight_smile:

But yeah, a compass could be really handy. For now just look where the big mountain is and you know that’s North. :wink:

Compass would be good for the people who are not able to remember the way they walk/have a sense of direction/ note landmarks.

I’m not sure how far nametags are able to be seen, but if they are too far then that person thats hiding in the woods could be seen from someone sitting on top of a hill that just happened to mouse over their name, is too far.

I like relatively close nametags as it allows players to stay hidden when sneaking up on someone.

I would like to see a map and party option that lets you open/close the same doors and their name appears in a certain colour

Nameplates from farther away would increase KOS.

Not a friend? KILL THEM.

The thing is, you have to get fairly close to check the name. Like, almost in hatchet range. They should at least have an item that when used, allows you to view names at a larger distance. And I’m not talking about increasing it a ton. I’m talking about a few meters.

Such as a weapon attachment, or have binoculars do this feature. You can still see people from a fair distance away, without binoculars.

Agreed, we don’t need players being able to see other player names from 100m away, maybe some where along 5-10m.

Compass is a must!

Maybe being able to attach a laser sight that can give an increased distance say about 15 to 25 metres or along those lines. Just a thought.

Binoculars = excellent idea. Especially if you can see someones nametag from far away by zooming in on them with the binoculars, that would be very useful.

A compass and/or in game map would also be useful.

To all those who want a compass, it’s not really needed. Just look at the Sun/Moon. They rise at East, so have it on your right side. Your front is Nord, back is South and left is West. Sometimes you won’t be able to use this, but then you’ll have everything more or less located.

I hate you…
I was just going to post that…

I would love to see bait to attract zombies.

I’d say some sort of friend system would be useful, for example only friends can see each other’s name tag from a far(ish) distance, that would help friends locate one another as well as identify who that guy running toward your home is. Also another idea that popped in my brain is that friends could also be able to open other friend’s doors with permission.

I like this idea.

Anyway, I imagine once they have different models for different items (and maybe different faces/heights/builds ?), everybody will have their own look and the issue of identification will become less relevant.

I already do this with DrFox.
I tell him “Go there and gather some wood” and while all the zombies chase him I just pass that region without messing around with any zombie :VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

I just want a hunting rifle. I really dont think the game shouldnt even have M4 in it, or atleast it wouldnt be so easily to come by.

I’d rather they just focus on stopping people from teleporting next to me and slapping me to the moon with a hatchet before implementing anything else.