Two things that would make this game incomparably better.

A farming and trading system. It would supply a real reason for cooperation and building between players. As well as making raids more exciting. In the converse. There will be a way for these same farmers to just hire mercenaries to watch the farms. Making jolly cooperation. So there will be immense rewards for both farmers (long term gain and protection) and quick loot for raiders. It would be able for the players to dynamically create jobs ans towns that was in garry’s vision.

Trading? You can already exchange items between players.

Trading is already in game, if you want a currency system though you can forget it.

Oh forgot. A third thing. A repair system. For anyone who has had a pc. You know they break overtime. So the same applies to our precious objects. As well as being able to use our materials overtime instead of a constant surplus.

Repair system: To repair wood walls, simply put wood in your action bar, and bash it while aiming at a structure to repair it.

That would be extremely simple to program. That is awesome

I suspect making the resources NOT respawn (unless maintained by a farmer of sorts) would do a great deal to foster some forms of cooperation.

IE A Mine Structure need to be maintained, a tree needs to be watered, etc.

farming? this isnt farmville you retard.

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OOOOOO that sounded really mean. sorry for being so aggressive, it isnt my day.

That would be cool, some sort of long term investment that would need to be protected! I’m thinking something along the line or cocaine for those long runs. yah feeling it Fall0ut fans?

edit:: build mo fams!

It is already in the game…

Incomparably better? Why not seasons ?

A clean/safe trading system between players would break immersion for me, If you want to trade, you can risk dropping an item and getting shot in the head, trust no one that you wouldn’t trust to fight by your side or come to your aid.

Short version of real good idea we have here

Durabilty to items (and possibility to repair them).
Season.(i would just go for weather)

I could go for a simple method of farming, such as tilling a piece of land and growing wheat and harvesting with a scythe or something in that perspective. It would give you diversity in food rather than getting chicken breasts from bears.

As for the trading system, NO. There needs to be that bit of tension when trading with an unknown person.