Two tired, beaten soldiers leave a destroyed city

Their army basically destroyed, these two soldiers try to find their way out of their once bright city.

Scene build took about 15 mins, getting the guys hand to look like he is leaning on the car… took about 40 mins…

PS: If you have an old monitor or a low contrast ratio monitor… this may look super dark to you.

Looks cool. I like the ash effect

Thanks, was hoping people wouldn’t assume it was snow.

Reminds me of CoD. Nice work.

Thanks, was kinda going for that look.

Looks like a world after nuclear war, and 2 survivors getting throw burned city. I need to stop reading books.
Also: 2 ammopacks conflicts on the chest of the front soldier.

Ya, those models are funky to pose with. If you want anything but them standing straight up the ammo packs slide into each other.

nice what map is this, the background reminds me of Call of Duty


I like it man.

Nice scenebuild, posing and ash effects.


What is the filepath for the broken Cathedral dome thing?

Ash from the volcano in iceland! nice pose, and ash effect =)

Edit: the explosion at the back looks weird

I like the snow

I just typed “building” in the search line if I remember correctly. It is with all the skybox buildings as well.

I like it.

How were you able to get the ash effect?

oh and good snow effects :v:


Looks like MW2, that’s great!