Two Trojans about to get killed.


Whats that in the water…? Certainly isn’t jaws.

Usual stuff, would probably help understanding whats going on to enjoy the shot.

If it’s too hard to see, it’s another soldier aiming at the Trojan on the right.

Contrast is a little heavy for my taste but the posing, depth-of-field and models are nice.

Lighting is beautiful. Rated an palette. :smile:

nice posing. I like the luminous blue water and the hard contrast between the red and blue, but I dont think that it was a good idea to insert the trojan in the background in the picture, because if the guy in the water is about to kill the two enemies, he will get shot by him

First orion pose?

pretty cool

Posing’s pretty good, what game are these characters from?

Deaf guards are never a good hire, when are these criminals gonna learn…

I shat brix when I saw your avatar.
Picture has some nice DOF

Blind as well, there is a soldier on the background patrolling and he hasnt saw the soldier there lol
Nice posing :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. What exactly are these Trojans?