Two Trucks

Hey, would someone be kind enough to make two of these?


Anyone willing to do this? You don’t have to do them both.

Throwing together a car is no easy task, man. If you want this done, at least provide some names, years, blueprints, or all of the above. Now I often model some pretty obscure (at least around here) kinds of vehicles, but even I don’t recognize those just from looking at them. The top looks like a generic European cab-over truck while the bottom one looks like a euro-van cab chassis from Mercedes or Volkswagen, but I don’t know for sure what the hell they are. If you could provide a name and model year, I could find blueprints and take a crack at it, but right now it’s no dice.

Ah, my mistake sorry! The first one is a DAF LF45 tipper truck, after doing some research i’ve found that it’s a 2008 model. This picture might help as well.

The second picture is a Ford Transit car transporter truck the model year for the one I want is 2004. This picture might help.

If you need anymore information just ask!

I highly doubt people here would do this, and for free… Even if you paid them i doubt that there’s any talented enough modellers to create these. This is not the place to look at man…

Edit: Why not google it?

Was worth a shot, i’ll most probably learn how to model vehicles and give them ago myself!

I actually recommend that you pursue this route. I decided to take this route myself since most of my favorite vehicles are fairly unusual, most being concept cars, SUVs, and big sedans/saloons. It took a while to get anywhere near good, but apparently I’m actually getting somewhere near competent if the feedback on my latest work is anything to go by. One big key thing I will say is that Blueprints are your best friend: if you want the dimensions down pat, go for blueprints, and if you can’t find any, make some from some side and front views of vehicles. They are crucial to modeling accurate vehicles.