Two Ultranationalists are rushing, but the front runner is shot


It’s okay. The explosion is barely giving off any light though and it’s edges are quite hard.

dont like the grain

Left guy: “Uh? where is my Riot Shield?”
Joking. nice pose and edit

The guy on the right is using his at least.

Get out of your own ass and give the guy some encouragement. He tried and therefore should be praised on that alone. At least he isnt one of the minges that post pictures around here.

scene build yes?


No. You get out of your ass and stop being so blatantly butt-hurt over your shitty personal skin.

I’ll have you know that Ddok and I are fairly good friends over Steam and I would hope that he is intelligent and mature enough, unlike yourself, to understand that anything bad I say about a picture is because I want the poser/editor to improve. What I said about this picture is perfectly correct and true and is constructive in that Ddok can now go away and work on his explosions, giving them more ambient light and such (and if he can’t, I would hope that he would ask me on Steam for help).