Two unfinishable poses involving dinosaurs

Every time I do attempt to SuperDOF them Gmod crashes. And without photoshop I can’t blur them manually, or edit a rope around the Parasaurolophus’ neck.

A meal interrupted

And I’m less happy about how this one turned out so I’ll thumb it.
"Take its legs out!"

Someone please finish them.

And finally here’s a bonus picture I could finish because it’s from before the update that broke SuperDOF.

Here are some alternate links.

I think the first one is my favorite. It’s actually really nice for ingame only. Artistic for you :D.

The posing for the rest seems spot on in my opinion.

They’re really nicely done. Wish I had your eye for camera angles.

Pictures aren’t loading for me :confused:

Bump in the hopes someone edits the second picture.

That spas looks rather familiar… where’d you get it?

l4d2 obviously.

I think he’s using my skin

Same, cubeupload 404’s me 100% of the time, no clue why.

It isn’t often that people take the time to spell Parasaurolophus’ name correctly. <3

Nice pics.

Actually it’s the default spas but with the hook taken off via Bloo’s enhanced L4D2 weapon pack.

I now know what you were talking about and it’s the lamp I had shining over the soldier.

Link to the working Big Sister model?

Isn’t the 1st picture from the second Jurassic Park film.

Yes, the Parasaurolophus one is inspired by said film.

And the Big Sister model is from Plasmid’s pack over in release section,

These are pretty cool. The middle one probably has the best atmosphere of them all.