Two unfinished mechs

Theese are two unifnished mechs that i made using seztse’s walking chip.
Both are unarmed because i didn’t bother finishing them because of trobules with moving. The “base” or “chassi” walked just fine but when i started to parrent shit to it it failed misserably.

Anyways, Pictures.

First one i made:

Second one:

Inside the second one.

The last one was actually working quite well but it’s probably not well fit for combat since the seat sort of sticks out of the glass mech.

Comment please.

First one is pretty cool, second is kinda weird.

Crotch view weeeeeeee.

Unfortionatly the first one was fucked up when i duped it. No clue why, when i spawn it, there’s like wood breaking and it spazzes. The thing is that i used no wood props on it.

Paste it frozen, re-dupe it, paste it again (still have paste frozen checked) and dupe that one, and re-paste it.

Basically just keep doing that a million times till it fixes itself.

Thanks alot, that fixed it.

They look very nice

Why thank you.

Second one bears a slight resemblance to Wall-E.

I like the first one better.

Nice. I tried a mech once and epic failed. How is it done?

I did it like this.

First i made sort of the bones of it. Meaning, One hip prop, 4 “leg” props and 2 foot props. Ball socket them together to limit their movement. Then keep up right the hip with the adv ballsocket and then use adv ballsocket again on the foots so that they follow the hips angles. Then you put on seztse’s mech chip facing forward and wire it up. Then i place a wirechip on all body parts and start parenting stuff to them.

7 minute video on how its done, by the man who made the bipedal walking chip himself. Here you go dude.

Thanks guys. I think I detect my next great leap forward in gmod

That statement: