Two US Soldiers are patroling Kabul City.


Is the one in the back thrusting? :ohdear:

Oh god, that’s what it looks like :ohdear:

Hes uh

** cocking ** his gun

…I’ll get my coat

You’re right, it’s getting kinda cold in here. I’ll get mine too.

Wait. No. I just got BURNED, no need for my coat now

they don’t really like they are patrolling

Why does he have a shotgun on the ROOF OF A HOUSE.

Maybe he had the shotgun in his hands to clear the building before he got to the roof, and has only just got to the top of the roof and so hasn’t had the time to switch to his rifle.

Or maybe he just doesn’t give a shit about you and your armchair soldiering.

Armchair soldering sounds dangerous, you could burn yourself

Ha, thanks for pointing out the typo.

Heard of Slug rounds or Frag 12 rounds before?

But besides that Spas 12 isn’t in US use, unless he got it from a french dude who gave it to him…or he killed The Terminator :smiley:

Still Everything seems nice except how the CQC guy looks as stated already.

Is that a l4d2 spas 12 with the stock unfolded!?
sauce please…

I lol’d