Two USMC soldiers are trying to ambush near the corner.


Good posing. Although, the laser from the PEQ would go off-screen.
Nice reskin attempt. However, the kneepads, elbowpads, and the material surrounding them would be a darker tan and the helmets would have MARPAT on them aswell.

Good posing, But what is wrong with the crouching guys leg? It just looks uh…

Looks good, good posing.

A bit much generic, though.

Someone split some oil on their uniforms I think.

I actually expected a pretty bad picture, good job. Surprisingly well done posing, the laser light could be a little grainier (if it is grainy I can’t tell), I like just about how natural it seems.

I like the laser. And the map looks like a CoD4 map, I forgot the name though.

Great, but the guy with the sunglasses looks wierd like he is looking at something and trying to poke something with his gun…
But rest is much better than anything I could do…

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Well, since it’s first page again, i might aswell give my comment to this:
The picture itself is generic like hell, typical for Facepunch.

But the dumbest thing i’ve read in a long time is the title for this:
“USMC Soldiers” :bang:

That’s like saying “Boy-Scout Scouts”
Besides that, it’s also insulting to call a Marine a “Soldier”.

Just call 'em Marines or US Marines but never again US Marine Corps Soldiers.

Looks like they’re wearing rubber suits.

If you knew the name of the PEQ, you should know it’s an infrared laser.