Two very general questions


I’ve been having two problems with my Garry’s Mod:

  1. I can’t join any servers. When I try to join one it just says that my account has been logged on elsewhere and kicks me out, every time.

  2. The textures for the maps I download are always fucked up or none existant. I checked the forum but couldn’t find any thread on it. All the maps’ textures are replaced by this standard valve pink and black stuff.

Got any ideas on how I can fix these very general problems?


  1. Try going into C:/Program Files/Steam, and deleting the “Clientregistry.blob” file, then restarting steam.

  2. A lot of custom maps use content from Counter Strike: Source and Half-Life 2 Episode Two. They’re both good games to get.

To 2)

Of course, oh my god. I have them availible, but my mobile internet has a cap at 20 gig. Might be worth is though.

Thank you!

Unfortunately removing the .blob file didn’t do it. Is it best to contact valve’s support or do any of you have any sweet ideas?