Two very simple questions that I need to know (Gmod/DarkRP)


  1. What happened to Easy Precision is there anyway to get 0.95 version working on the current gmod/darkrp without getting LUA crashes? (on the net I see various “tool removed from workshop” and "Dev left’) and no I don’t want to use a more complex tool for this, people are use to it and SmartSnap etc are way too complex (people hate change :P)

  2. Since the SteamCMD/Steampipe update things have changed, when making custom jobs in DarkRP (shared.lua) do I still add the models to a “models” folder? I know about collections and adding it to server config so does this mean we can use collections for models? if so how do you assign (know what model name/where it lives) is on the server to add into the job file.

Thanks for your time!

  1. This is a good replacement for the tool - - Its what I started using on my server.

  2. Yes you do. Collections are for “including” workshop content into your server. A lot of the time workshop models wont download properly to the client unless they too have them subscribed in the workshop. As for pulling the models file path out of a workshop file well, not gonna happen. You can use the Gmad.exe converter to break open the workshop file so you can see the exact file path for the models and materials (thus getting what you need for the custom darkrp jobs.)

Hope that helps.

Thanks so much, I figured that’s why there wasn’t any docs on this.

But the whole workshop collection threw me, would be cool if you could just do player models off workshop and tag the job with that addon ID and BOOM all done.

If a player has an issue then they can subscribe to the addon.

Happy I could help. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.