Two vigilantes examining a mercenary outpost'%20ME.jpg

First extensive shading attempt.

I know it’s personal skins, but Urbanator pressed me create this thread, but I’m mainly looking for criticism.


I really like how you occluded that light on the left. Overall shading is good, I like it. :smiley:
Fussy’s body looks weird for some reasons, mostly the legs.

You’re right, I think misaligned the lamp and it missed his leg. Weird I didn’t notice it until now. Thanks for your criticism! :slight_smile:

The Rebel looks posed wierd from the angle, but the shading and lighting are beautiful.

I don’t see anything worth criticizing awesome job on the shadowing and lighting!

A damn fine Job, but what’s with the slipknot logo on that guy’s armband?

Nice job, good shading! Did you use my method or normal shading? :smug:
Thinking about changing the logo on the pad.
Why didn’t you use my armored skin? The one with the shoulder pads and boots from the Eclipse merc?

Yep, I used your technique, thanks for the tips

Because the skinning on the shoulders looks bad really

Isn’t that guy dressed a little anachronistically?

Joazzz. Guess I have to reskin them, then.

He just likes antiques. Be nice to him.

Seeing as it is originaly a personal skin pose, maybe. That’s why I’ve got another skin for things like this, just gotta reskin it slightly.


Read my post.

And? I was referring to the fact that he is wearing leather and cloth (and possible kevlar) in the Mass Effect world.

Antiques? Outdated Armor? See where I am going?

Personal skins, see where I am going?

Please read the first post.

Garrus is in the picture. Nuff said. The shading is sureal! I love it!

Garrus is not in the picture.

I see what you’re doing, you are doing bad reading.
Read my fucking post.

It looks good, but the thing is, how did the mercs die? there’s no signs of a struggle.

The overall atmosphere is ok, but the map is kinda blocky, like the vent in the background looks out of place, and isn’t affected by lighting.

The posing is great, just as always.
Overall, an ok picture