Two Wanzers Battle In The Streets

Posing by Me
Editing by SN/Aaron


C&C Please, and all that jazz.

so ya about that brass… wheres it coming from??? :ohdear:

They’re not very good at aiming.

Their guns must be pretty inaccurate if they’re standing right in front of each other and not hitting anything

Well…that is a good question.
The casing ejector was on the side of the gun which you can’t see. Just to make things a tad bit interesting I put the casings there and hoped no one would notice they were just phasing through the gun.


Wanzer is such a dumb name.

It sounds like some slang term for a penis.

It’s from the German word “wanderpanzer”. Wander for “walking”, and “panzer” for “armour”.

ya but u see sir, im talking about the wanzer on the right, the guns ejector port is on the right side, but the brass is coming out of the left side. :expressionless:

^^ Did you not read his post?

ya i did but i said that so that doesnt happen again

Alright, I won’t do it again. Just trying to spice it up a tad bit.

i dont know how creating a “fake” ejector port spices things up but ok

Maybe i should of added that bit when editing so you guys wouldnt bitch about it so much.

They’re not “Bitching” SN. They are giving me criticism. Which is exactly what I asked for.

im not bitching??? im just pointing it out so the mistake wouldnt be made again

Well he already explained it so there was no need to point it out.


ya ok but you see theres 2 wanzers, both of them holding weapons with ejector ports :downs: i clarified which one and the mistakes which he already knew of and i just told him specifically that if the ejector port is on the right side, the brass should come out to the left.

Ok, to stop the argument. Butler said that the Wanzer on the right had no reason to be ejecting out shells on that side of the gun, he is correct. Then I stated that I knew this. Just I hoped people wouldn’t realize and put them there to make it more interesting. But unfortunately it was noticed. So he said not to do it again since it takes away the realism and I agreed. Nowhere in here was he “bitching” Please can we stop this now?