Two warmachines clearing a way

There’s something off about it, can’t really put my finger on it. I still like it though.

Great models, the backpack looks a bit weird, maybe that’s what’s off about it?

The models look very steampunk-ish, overall it’s good.

Really diggin’ the model man!

highly blurred foreground
over-the-shoulder camera, or close enough
focus looking in direction of camera
blurred background

totally an ilwrath picture

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but yeh cool models

So what, no offense, but going “totally an Ilwrath picture” like it’s a bad thing is rather annoying. Just because some of my pictures have similar angles doesn’t warrant you to go “an ilwrath picture”. If you don’t have anything better to say, I’d rather see you not post at all then. And since when using SDoF is called “an ilwrath picture”.

but everything chesty says is a joke!!!1

he told me!

Well in that case “LOLOZLAOZOAL very good joke 100/10”.

Good god i want those models.

I want them so fucking bad.

I don’t like the blood effect but nice models and great posing.

This things remind me of those funny “Sky captain” film
The same 60th-70th style of mashines

I hate to ask but, those models will be released right?

I know what’s weirding me out about this picture:

  1. The backpacks kinda look like Urinals with the pipe in the back

  2. The arm guns look like two WW2 German machine guns (mg42, I think…) strapped together.

But otherwise great picture!

Considering the people being shot appear to be WWII soldiers, I’d say MG42s strapped together isn’t strange.

Portable field urinals.

Never underestimate the nazi engineering.

No, guys, no. Jewish ashes powered JETPACKS.

Evil +150
Sympathy -200


“some”? lol[

i](’s not a bad thing, per se, but why not try and vary it up a bit? sure you do occasionally but really when i was looking through your threads i only found one instance of any proper deviation from this pattern (this was the red team funeral which was very well shot from an interesting high-angle). as a hint, the ‘over-the’shoulder’ shot is pretty much the most boring shot possible in the history of composition. you ever wonder why the star wars prequels are so horribly dull (ignoring the fact the script and plot are atrocious)? because pretty much every non-action scene in that film is over-the-shoulder shots. here though you’re even managing to make action pictures using the same boring chemistry.

and the depth-of-field comment was referring to your heavy use of depth-of-field, not just depth-of-field in general. regardless, you don’t have to use depth-of-field to create depth you know? there are far more subtle and far more interesting ways of doing it using contrast and detail and sharpness and saturation, rather than just whacking that SDoF bar to as strong as it can go.

contrast is another thing you should vary up. it’s so consistent throughout your pictures (both across your work and within individual pictures themselves) - observe the natural effects of light and employ atmospheric perspective fog to your pictures. this would be more interesting than blurring the shit out of everything.

Well frankly, I don’t do these poses to feel artistic, I do them just because I like posing.

i knew i wasted 15 minutes of my life critiquing he who can not be critiqued

okay fine i can understand that. personally i would enjoy myself more if the things i’m making were more aesthetically pleasing and impressive - i get bored of complacency with the mediocre but whatever

To be honest i love all you poses. They look like you actually put some thought into it and wanted to get it perfect. I like all the blur/ Shadow effects you use man. im serious