Two Week Patch Cycle, Hard On Servers...

Hey guys,

I’m already seeing the impacts of the 2 week patch cycle and we haven’t even finished the first week without a patch. I’ve been noticing a lot of chat in the server of people saying they’ll come back in a few weeks to check it out and right now the server pop is super low. I’d normally have 80ish people on right now and I’m sitting at less than 10. Maybe it’s just my server but while I understand the reason for a 2 week cycle, I feel like it’s going to really hit the community as well as the concurrent player counts. Just my 2 cents.


The decrease of players due to game changes/updates is what happens in a unfinished game from time to time. No worries. Rust won’t die because of this.

An ongoing analysis of Steam’s player numbers.

This is actually a really good point. Ive realised that on the servers i play on that usually hav 80 or even 100 drop to 20 or less at the end of each week. Sure, this wont kill the game and loose all its players (like they already did with legacy) but if we have one week of empty servers every fortnight it would ruin the game a little

I think community is getting hit by the hackers in the official servers (i left amsterdam 1 because of flying hackers stealing stuff from my quarries). Rustopia eu/uk was full with 250 people tonight. 2 week per update will provide more stable and polished patches for sure.

It will take players a few rounds to adjust. On a couple servers people were crafting c4 and going on raids, activity was down because “the update is tomorrow”.

They are stuck in their routine.

It’s really pointless to worry about server populations while still in alpha state. How can it hurt the game while the game isn’t even finished?

As a man that works your typical 9am-5pm, there are days when I get home and REALLY don’t feel like playing Rust. Sometimes it’s even 2-3 days. If it has only been a couple days before I want to play Rust again, I’ve already missed half of the week and by that point everyone is 2-3 days ahead of me and I may as well just wait for the next patch. So, if I’m not in the mood to play Rust on Thursday or Friday, there’s basically no point playing that week at all.

I’m totally ok with the fact that I will always be behind other players based on that I don’t play as much, however, this two week patch cycle actually creates more incentive for people on my kind of schedule to get involved later in the week. It also does similar conveniences for the developers. Instead of working 4 Days a week and bug fixing 2, they can get double the work done per week and still get the bug fixing done in 1-2 days. Theoretically you’re doubling your productivity with little added downtime. I’m not saying this is why everything is tits, I’m just saying it’s convenient for certain people and not for others, which is the nature of everything in life. Anyway…:words:

You’re kidding me right? Guys… Just because rust is updating every two weeks now DOES NOT mean that servers are also going to wait to wipe for an extra week. I play on a community server, a nodded server, and a server. ALL 3 WIPED after ONE week still. It’s completely up to the server owners. Why they would switch from weekly wipes to Bi weekly is beyond me. As for facepunch servers: they will always wipe on the first Thursday of every month so if you play on those you are not affected. I see people in chat complaining all the time about wiping now being every 2 weeks… You need to understand updating and wiping are two different things. Servers that have always wiped every week will most likely still wipe every week.

Edit: due to entities and shit. Performance is usually ruined on high pop servers after like 10 days. All servers I play on are continuing with weekly updates as they have been always.

This discussion has nothing to do with wipes. OP is talking about a decline in population due to a lack of new content being added on a weekly basis. I’m not entirely sure I agree with him, but at least I understand what he’s talking about.

I’m not talking about wipes, I’m speaking of people coming back to the game to check out the new hotness.

Secondly, I’m not sure what kind of hardware they’re running because there is no need to wipe weekly, that is madness. Our server normally sits around 40 during the day and 90-100 at night 4-5 days a week. Last month I went 3 weeks without wiping to see how long it could go and I only wiped because population started to taper off. Servers that “need” to wipe weekly should seriously look at getting some new hardware.

Servers in rust always drop off after the first week from a wipe, they rarely hold population except official servers because they always have a revolving door of people. But even those drop off when there is a wipe expected

one of the bad things now with all the grinding required to build up a base is… once you lose it do you really want to rebuild or join a freshly wiped server/wait for wipe

Ah, misread post about weekly new content, got confused about weekly wipes on servers. But seriously… main server wiped every single week and they have the best hardware for a server around… There’s a reason why they wipe weekly. Gets leggy for the majority of players, and KEEPS IT FRESH. You guys all may think that weekly updates was keeping pop up, but weekly WIPES on servers account for 60% of that pop; Easily. Everytime a server wiped the pop skyrockets for a couple days on every single server I’ve been on. Legacy and New Rust. On the very popular servers I play on, population has not been affected at all from moving to bi weekly wipes. Probably because they all still wipe their server every week. Check em out: (250 slot server) RustStorm (modded), and Rustopia (US). Sometimes One Rule. I don’t play on low pop servers so I don’t know how much they’ve been affected d but these high pop servers are unscathed from the change. And RaaR is completely right. I remember back in legacy literally waiting in the server, awaiting the admin to wipe and the rush of running to find a place to build first. The same shit still applies. If you wanna be king of the server, you have to get ahead of everyone else