Two women get ambushed

And you can find the Mass effect “Husk” here:

I came into the thread expecting rape.

Nice picture though.

Damn, i just can’t focus to something else than their ass. FUCK!

it looks awesome as always


Oh Yesss that’s very delicioussss…

Excellent hair and lighting and posing as always my good man. What is the chick doing to that robot on the left there though.

Cool Terminator Salvation models. :q:

Also nice picture. The black bars are a little thick for my liking but whatever.

Also, Mass Effect Husks.

Note how much posts the thread gets in less than 5 minutes.
Note to self : always put “women” in my next thread titles

I made them smaller, Just for you babe.

Thanks Dollface. :sax:


May I have a link to the models you used for the women?

Both are private