Two WWII poses

These are two of my first poses in GMod (that are of some quality). I also tried my hand at editing with GIMP. Thanks to Chesty for the basic editing tutorial.[/media]
Crappy rain edit.
Second pose

For the D-Day one, I actually made a whole lot more soldiers on the beach, but the camera angle caused most of them to be covered up. I also put soldiers and an MG42 in the bunker. I don’t know why, since the DOF and editing covered them up

Constructive criticism please

Rain in pic 2 look like needles, and muzzle flash is to bright. But other than that it isn’t to bad. Finger pose is nice.

Blurring Grain is a Nono for rain editing.
Did you forget to se JPEG Quality to 100? Therea are some artifacts.

Pretty good. Muzzle flash is too bright (as Rastifan said). And the rain is too thin. Both pics seem a little empty too me, but good nonetheless.

Black needles, falling from the sky!

Gracias for using my tutorial.

Is that a grease gun with a scope and a silencer?

I got it out of the Company of Heroes weapon pack. That was the only grease gun I could find. I originally had a M1 Garand but the ragdoll’s arm doesn’t turn far enough to grip it properly.

Also thanks for the criticism guys.

You could have used the easy-weld can trick.

A silenced weapon does not give off muzzle flash…

There is a good model of a grease gun in all WWII swep pack.