Two Zombies Walk Away From a Car Crash

They were two people, just trying to get home from their jobs in the offices, when a police officer ran straight in to their car. Naturally, the one got out to see if he was alright, that was when it happened. The officer was infected, and had bit the man. The other was safe inside his car until they broke the window, and climbed inside. 2 men had lost their lives that day, along with countless others.


Pretty good.

Bravo dear sir, bravo! You have made a image with storyline that is good! Gave you an artistic.

Left zombie:“Dude that was so awesome it jizz my pants!”
Right zombo:“Meh”
Nice pose.

Let me fix it for you.

Right Zombie: Holy shit i can’t believe were still alive! we hit a fucking landmine
Left Zombie: Ya if we would have died we would have ended up zombies too

Nice. Good depth-of-field.

Eh, it’s okay. But their pose is a little akward, and it doesn’t really look like they are walking.

I really didn’t pose them to look like they’re walking. But of course this makes the title clearly irrelevant.

“Do you feel funny?” Nice.

Left Zombie: Hey man is that the a porno mag?
Right Zombie: Think i’m gonna throw up :3

Haha its okay, background could be better i guess.

cool blur :slight_smile:

Nice, but the grain is a bit heavy for me.

Now that I look at it again… white grain is weird.